Library Scavenger Hunt

library scavenger hunt

I’ve always been lucky that my daughter loves to go to the library. For some parents though, getting your child through those double doors may take a little creativity. I put together this fun library scavenger hunt as a game to get children excited about their library visit. Kids can compete against each other and earn points, all while learning about the library’s resouces!

This game is also a great way for kids to discover the treasures that a library carries AND to learn that there are more resouces out there for information other than the internet. In addition, a  library scavenger hunt is a perfect opportunity to introduce children to different sections of your library and categories of books such as fiction and non-fiction.

This game will guide children through multiple areas of their library AND encourage them to have some fun at the same time! I would recommend letting the librarian know about your scavenger hunt. Typically, librarians love this idea and want to participate too! Fueling children’s curiosity and wonder with all of the available resources at the library will instill a love of books and reading in your child.

Also, on the way to the library, you can prep your children by asking them questions to get them excited. You can ask them what kinds of books the library will have or if there are any books that they think they won’t find at the library. Getting the conversation going is a great way to engage your children before the scavenger hunt. After the game,  you can ask questions about what your children found in the library or their favorite thing about the library. Hopefully, after your adventure, your children will be so excited to go to the library, they’ll practically be pulling you out of the door next time!

I personally love the idea of laminating the scavenger hunt sheet and using a dry erase marker to cross over the scavenger hunt items. You could also just print your child’s sheet as well. Give a copy to each player and set a time limit if you like.

You can print your library scavenger hunt here. I hope your family enjoys exploring your library!

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Happy reading!