Spring Book Series! Week 4

Spring Book Series, Week 4

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and gardens are growing! Who wouldn’t be in a great mood? Spring does go by quickly but what a welcome after such a brutal winter.

When my daughter was small, we used to love to take walks and pay attention to every little sound that surrounded us. My nephew has since taken her place since she thinks she’s too “big” for this now.  😂

This week for our Spring Book Series, I thought I’d show you one of the most adorable(and not at all annoying!) sound books around…Garden Sounds by Sam Taplin.

This book is brilliant in so many ways but the most attractive quality of this book is that the noises are not overly loud or overbearing. The sounds are pleasant, delightful, and subdued. What more could you ask for right???  We’ve had some toys and books in the past that were so loud and distracting, they went straight into the donate bin(although I did feel bad for the next parent that had to deal with it)!

Garden Sounds is a new kind of sound book series from Usborne. The flat buttons are embedded into each page and blend nicely into the illustrations. A light touch can trigger the targeted area and a lovely sound is released causing your child to squeel with delight!

(You can see two silver buttons on each page in the 4 photos below, which indicate the sounds that are heard).

The illustrations are brightly colored with adorable characters but what’s the best part of this gorgeous book you ask? An on/off button on the back! Yes, you heard that correctly.  A “not so obvious” button on the back to turn this book on or off depending on your need.

Since this book put me in the mood for spring, my daughter and I decided to make a spring time snack to go along with our theme…bird nests!

Seriously, these couldn’t be any easier and they were quite popular with the kids over the weekend. These can be whipped up in minutes and your kids can help too without making a disaster of your kitchen.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Rice Krispies cereal
Mini marshmallows or regular jumbo marshmallows
Blue food coloring (I used Sky Blue from Wilton cake decorating supplies)
Robin’s Egg candy or Cadbury Egg chocolate shell candy
Muffin tin
Non-stick cooking spray

First, spray your muffin tins with your non-stick spray. Next, prepare your Rice Krispies recipe as the box instructs. Do not spread them into a pan though. When they are mixed in the pot, grab a large metal spoon a drop a generous dollop of mix into your muffin tins. Dab some butter on the back of the large spoon and your fingers. Press down into the mix, creating a small indented center with edges, formed by your fingers. Continue to construct these until your mix is gone.

Add half a bag of coconut to a non-staining bowl. Blend your sky blue food coloring gel into the coconut by dipping in a toothpick then adding it to your bowl of coconut. This takes several minutes to blend. The gel is very concentrated so don’t use too much.

After your rice nests are cool, pop them out of the muffin tin. Spoon the colored coconut into the center of your treats. Add three Robin’s Eggs or Cadbury Eggs to the center.

Tadah!!! Adorable, edible, fun bird nests! Could these be any cuter? Enjoy your treats!

Grab your copy of Garden Sounds here!

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