Book Nation

Becoming a part of my team with PaperPie is about so much more than just joining a company. My team is part of a larger team called Book Nation. A fun name and a fun group! This team is made up of fantastic people that are passionate about literacy and building businesses!

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We are a multi-million dollar, national award-winning team. What does that mean, you ask? Let me break it down for you and explain what it means to be a part of Book Nation.

-Our team has put million of books into the hands of children everywhere, including charities, hospitals, schools, libraries and homes across the nation. Each year that number grows and we won’t be stopped! Book ownership matters and Book Nation is seeing to it that children are receiving books no matter the situation!

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-Our team has helped thousands of women and men build businesses from home, giving them the choice of creating their own schedule and opportunities, plus spending more time with their families. Being independent and successful in this business is what makes our team thrive. Support and training is the foundation of Book Nation. We have proven methods in place to train our team members in literacy and running a small business.

-Our team has won numerous awards for achievements and rank among the top in the company for recruiting, team growth, individual sales, libraries sales, school sales, book drives, fundraisers and grant matching. Book Nation is extremely dedicated and it shows!

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-Our team supports growth and individuality. Whether you want to have a consistent side business or a expanded business that replaces your full-time job, we are here to help you meet your goals. Book Nation focuses on your personal goals and what you can do to achieve them. We are constantly striving to improve our teams skills and keeping up on the latest in literacy and small business ownership.

-Our team has formed friendships with each other than go beyond our businesses. Having the same goals of promoting literacy and building a business have bonded all of us. These welcoming friendships have fueled the people on our team to reach out to new opportunities and set bigger goals than they ever imagined. Chatting, brainstorming, and laughing with your team members, truly makes Book Nation unique.

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Does that answer your question? 😃This team truly is one of a kind. Book Nation is the biggest reason for my success in this book business. Becoming a part of this team was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and I wouldn’t change a thing! To join my team and start your own book business, click here!