PaperPie February 2024 Hostess Rewards

BONUS REWARDS? Check back later for special bonus rewards that we often offer.

Standard: If your party sells a total of $500, you will receive $90 FREE books and $125 in half-price books (with a qualifying party booking)!

Keep reading and checkout out the table below to see all of the reward details!

Check out the PaperPie party rewards you can earn when you host a party:

Check out the standard rewards you can earn!

Party Sales Your FREE Books Your Half-Price Books
$1000 $240 $250
$950 $230 $225
$900 $220 $225
$850 $210 $200
$800 $200 $200
$750 $190 $175
$700 $180 $175
$650 $170 $150
$600 $160 $150
$550 $150 $125
$500 $140 $125
$450 $130 $100
$400 $120 $100
$350 $110 $75
$300 $100 $75
$250 $90 $50
$200 $30 $50

Host Special details: Host cost is $2 + 8% shipping (on the retail value of the Free Books and any discounted books ordered)+ local sales tax. Parties must have minimum retail sales of the bonus amount plus one booking dated within four weeks to receive additional Free Books. All Customer and Host orders must be received at the Home Office before the last day of the party month to qualify for additional Free Books. We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

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