12 Days of Christmas Books – It’s Christmastime



PaperPie - Kane Miller - It's Christmastime!

This new release has been UBER popular this season and I look for it to sell out soon! It’s the Christmas version of our best-seller, ALL BETTER(the bandaid book)! It includes 15 adorable hard vinyl clings to decorate the book for the holidays. A must-have this season for the littles! Does anyone have this or All Better? This flew off the shelves at my recent book fairs! Grab it soon!

Age: 3 yrs +, $14.99

It’s time for Christmas! You can’t wait for Moose, Bear, Squirrel, Mouse and Fox! But they need some help to get ready. In any way you want, the 15 reusable stickers allow young readers to decorate and play again and again.

What are people saying about this book?

My two boys, ages 3 and 7 love this book!! If your child loves all better or any of the other books like that, then you will definitely want to get this one! My boys love reading the story again and again and putting the stickers different places each time we read it. My 3 year old especially loves this one, he even plays with the stickers and interacts with the book, such as taking the tea pot sticker and pouring the tea into the tea cup that’s on the book. So cute!

I got this for my almost 2 year old son for Christmas. He found it and started playing with it before I could hide it. Haha! He loves all of the sticker books so this one is great with even more stickers! It seems more advanced than “All Better” and “Kisses, Cuddles, and Goodnight,” so if you’ve been looking at some of the other sticker books and thinking your child might be too old for them, get this one. You won’t be disappointed!!