Book Review Of Boy

A book review of Boy by Phil Cummings and Shane Devries

Book review of Boy

Boy lives in a peaceful world. He cannot hear life happening around him but that doesn’t mean Boy is unaware.

This story centers on a little boy that is deaf but is in touch with his surroundings through his other senses. Boy communicates with his hands although most in his community do not understand him. Even though Boy lives in a place of silence, he notices that the battle between the King and the Dragon are fiecely loud. He offers his help to help solve the kingdom’s quarrel. Most are reluctant to allow Boy to help but he is persistent.

Book review of BoyBook review of Boy

The King is angry with the Dragon and thinks he needs to protect his castle and land. The Dragon seems fierce in the King’s eyes by trying to invade his land with fire. Dragon thinks he was never given a chance to explain his actions of breathing a fireball into the King’s land.

Book review of Boy

Boy notices that there is something that is not being said and understood between the two. Without hearing, Boy is able to reach out to both the King and the Dragon. Boy uses his hands and his ability to draw to create peace and unity in the kingdom. The misunderstanding that took place was solved because Boy was able to “listen” without his ears but with his heart and head.

This heartwarming story is a wonderful lesson on understanding, inclusion, listening and communicating. Boy serves as the mediator between the two main characters. The King and the Dragon are both humbled by Boy’s actions and realize that everyone has something in common, no matter how different. Boy helps the two characters learn to communicate to solve their problems even without his ability to hear.

Book review of Boy

Boy is a wonderful addition to your bookself at $12.99 title for ages 4-8. You can purchase Boy here.

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