Love Books? Love building? September 3rd is Skyscraper Day!

Great Titles for ‘Skyscraper Day’

Hey, we didn’t know it was a ‘day’ either, but it sure does sound fun. Check out these great titles on buildings, construction and architecture

Life and Look Construction Sites

What are the builders doing today? What happens at the job site? In this fun board book find out by lifting all the flaps. And check out all our other life-the-flap books to find out what’s going on at building sites, under the sea, on the steam train, and more, raise the flaps!

Architect Academy

Discover the critical skills required to become an architect in this groundbreaking book of activities.

The Architect Academy gives children the know-how to design and construct structures of all kinds, from bridges and schools to parks and pyramids. Activities range from planning a suburban street and your dream play area to mastering some of the architects’ math skills, how to read floor plans, and interior design fundamentals. The section of the Architect Toolbag includes all kinds of goodies, such as Architect Job stickers to use when completing a mission, a pull-out poster, and press-out game cards to share with friends.

Architect Academy promotes creative play and problem solving, and the new, contemporary artwork helps make basic principles of architecture and spatial planning available.

Architecture Scribble Book

Behold finally the antidote to boredom! If it’s a rainy afternoon or a long summer day, whether you’re at home or with friends, these books will never wear you down. Includes an elastic bookmark to prevent you from losing your place! This scribble-in activity book explores the fascinating architectural world, with activities that inspire children to think, draw and design like an architect. Creation, buildings to design, and paper models to create and test are full of ideas.