Usborne Spanish Books – Now Available

PaperPie is pleased to announce plans to publish an extensive range of Spanish language titles for the US market. With over 41 million Americans having Spanish as their first language, and a further 11 million bilingual speakers, there is a growing demand for quality children’s books in the Spanish language. We now offer a wide range of Usborne Spanish titles.

Randall White, President & CEO of EDC, stated, “Over the years, within our full array of Usborne books available, EDC has offered a few titles that provide a basic introductory concept to the Spanish language, includining The Big Book of Spanish Words. I believe that the inclusion of Spanish titles to an already brilliant catalog will be met with much enthusiasm.”

Peter Usborne commented, “Our relationship with EDC is over 30 years old and has been hugely successful in putting Usborne’s English language books into the hands of American children and their parents. I’m delighted that we are able to add Spanish language publishing to this incredible cooperation. Whether it’s English-speaking children expanding their knowledge of other languages, or children from a Spanish-speaking background who want to connect with their language, I am tremendously excited at the opportunity to reach millions of new Usborne readers in the USA.”

Usborne Spanish books will be published in the US under the Usborne imprint in partnership with EDC beginning in January, 2019 with the release of EDC’s Spring catalog. The full collection of Usborne Spanish titles are available now online.