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Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how awesome it has been for my family since I’ve been able to work from home. Spending time with my daughter and family has obviously been the highlight but there have been many more unexpected “bonuses”. I love to talk about children’s books.  Talking about books has just become a daily part of my routine since Usborne.  These books cover my home, my car, airplane rides…basically anywhere that I am. Being surrounded by these fantastic children’s books has become a non-negotiable part of our life and I love it!

My daughter’s library is overflowing with books. My nephew’s library is also overflowing with books. I have been able to build both of their libraries for FREE through Usborne! Both of them love reading and being around books. Being surrounded by these unique books has created a love of reading in these two children that will last a lifetime.

Another surprise that has come along with doing this business is how providing these books to my community has had such a powerful impact.  I have be given several opportunities to be involved in such great things because of these fantastic children’s books.  Running book drives with children’s hospitals, helping low income families add books to their homes and helping local businesses raise money fundraising was something that I never planned on doing with Usborne. These opportunities presented themselves once  I started sharing these books and what they could do for children everywhere. It’s amazing how quickly children fall in love with these specific books and how excited they are when they receive them!

If you are interested in trying out PaperPie for your family, please comment below or message me. Anyone can start an amazing book business. The only skill that you need to have your own home book business is a love of books! You can join for under $100 and receive a value box of books to get your started! There are no minimums to meet or quotas to sell.  What do you have to lose? Nothing! Worst case, you will grab an amazing box of books for an awesome price!

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