It’s Time For Preschool

It’s time for preschool! Some of you are preparing for your biggest parenting challenge yet…the first day of preschool! While sending your little one off for the first time brings excitement, it can also be overwhelming. I remember the days leading up to Amelia’s first day of preschool 6 yrs ago. I was excited, nervous, worried, and happy, all at the same time!

I wanted Amelia to love school so we talked about it often and all of the exciting things that she’d experience. We went on a tour and learned everything about her new school. She helped with planning what she would wear for her first day and what to take for snack. She even had a tiny preschool backpack!


The first day arrived and we were off! After taking all of the necessary pictures of course, we found her name for check-in, hung up that tiny backpack and helped her settle into her classroom. Next it was time for Mommy and Daddy to leave.  No tears were shed(or at least none that she saw)!

As I arrived to pick Amelia up from her first day of preschool, I was relieved to see a smile across her face. She had made friends and couldn’t stop gushing over her teacher. She even learned the all important cleanup song which became a favorite at home. 😁  Amelia couldn’t wait to show me what she had accomplished at “school”!

preschool preschool

All of the preparation had paid off.  Amelia was confident, excited and developing her independence.  The sheer joy that shined through when she talked about “school” just melted my heart. My baby was a big kid and she was ready to take on the big kid world!

To ease the transition and anticipation of your little ones starting preschool (and you), here are my top 10 books that can help you and your child prepare for their big day! I also put together a video featuring these books:

Good luck to all of the new preschoolers out there ready to take on the big kid world! All of the books listed below are available in my online bookstore here!

#1 Listen and Learn- Ready For School
This battery operated book comes with several cards to help your child practice numbers, letters, and other activities, by pushing a button. The word is spoken to the child as the buttons are pressed. Cards are double-sided for added fun!

#2 All You Need To Know Before You Start School
Large board book filled with pages of basic school information such as daily tasks, activities, sharing, making friends, circle time and much more!

#3 Alfie and Bet’s ABC
One of the most adorable alphabet books that I’ve seen! With pop-ups throughout the book, Alfie and Bet will have your child loving their ABC’s!

#4 Count To 100
Beautifully illustrated with board book quality. This colorful counting book starts with 1-10 then moves by tens all the way to 100.  An amazing book full of fun ideas!

#5 Wipe-Clean Capital Letters & Wipe-Clean Lowercase Letters
These heavy-duty pages are great for little ones to practice their letters over and over. Practice marks wipe away with ease. Adorable illustrations as well!

#6 Jonathan James And The Whatif Monster
Perfect picture book for preschool prep. Jonathan is nervous to try new things but in the end realizes what new adventures can bring!

#7 Dog & Mouse
Great picture book about making friends! Dog is looking for a best friend with the help of mouse, not realizing until the end that his best friend has been right in front of him.

#8 Love You Hoo
Lovable book about a parent owl and their baby. The parent encourages the baby to try new things but reassures them that they’ll always be there!

#9 Cordelia
Cordelia is a brave girl that looses confidence when she is confronted by some negative attitudes. She quickly realizes that her worth does not depend on what other people think of her!

#10 Billie B Brown/Hey Jack
Beginning chapter books perfect for a new reader with age appropriate situations. Illustrations throughout the book with large print. Bonus- backpack included in the set!

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