Books and Flashlight Fun

Usborne Flashlight Book

Books might not be something that you typically think of when go camping with your children but they should be! Incorporating the right books into your summer camping trips add a level of family fun like never before.  We all know that flashlights are a must for campers. The Shine-A-Light series by Kane Miller is perfect  for adventures under the night sky. By shining a flashlight behind each colorful page, hidden images appear within the habitat or object.  There are several books to choose from and something to please even your pickiest readers. From the seashore, forest, and garden to airplanes, trains, space stations and construction sites, these books will create a family camping tradition that you will look forward to year after year!

You may check out a sampling of the books here:

Secrets of the Seashore:

Spot the tiny shrimps hiding in the sand, see a shy crab underneath a rock and watch a jewel-like anemone open its tentacles in this beautiful book of nature’s hidden habitats. Just hold the page up to a light to discover it all.

On the Construction Site:

Young builders will delight in exploring all the hidden secrets of a construction site. They simply hold the book’s pages to the light to “see-through” everything that’s being built – inside and out.

The Human Body:

Discover the secrets of the human body with the newest beautiful, educational, and fun title in the Shine-A-Light series. Hold a light behind the pages to see muscles flex, watch as food travels through the digestive system, and take a peek at the skeleton holding you upright.

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