Family Outings And Books

Books make terrific companions for family outings! Attaching a book to a beloved family event will help create a love of reading in your child. With so many books out there, how do you know what to choose? I’ve put together a list of 15 books and matched them up with family fun! All of the books below are available in my online bookstore here!

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Secrets Of The Rainforest is a great book for this adventure! By using your flashlight, your child will reveal hidden images under each page. A perfect nighttime activity for family bonding under the moon!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Rain Forest

Botanical Gardens:

Garden Sounds is a  wonderful book to choose for this activity! Mimicking all of the whimsical sounds of a garden, your children will be able to connect and match sounds that they hear.

Picture of Garden Sounds

Apple Picking:

It All Starts With A Seed is my “pick” for this activity! While you are picking your apples this fall for pies or other apple treats, try incorporating this fun book. In addition to fruits, this book covers a wide variety of food that will no doubt spark conversation.

Picture of It All Starts With A Seed...How Food Grows - IR

Symphony or Music Festival:

Famous Composers will bring music to your child’s ears! This educational book gives a basic rundown of famous composers throughout time that have made their mark on history. Why not bring this book and expand your child’s love of music?

Picture of Famous Composers Reference Book - IR

Cross Country Road Trip:

Wonders Of The USA is the perfect book for this long journey! You will find national landmarks all across the US in addition to the added aspect of hidden images! Finding these gems with your flashlight along your trek will absolutely increase your child’s sense of exploration!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Wonders of the USA


The Big Book Of Stars And Planets will have your children identifying planets, constellations and more! This unique book is a great reference for kids wanting to learn about space. The added bonus of every other page folding out to four pages wide will have your children in awe!

Picture of Big Book of Stars & Planets

Train Museum:

Look Inside Trains will have your little train fanatics wanting more! With multiple flaps showcasing what is inside different types of trains, this book will surely be a hit! Train lovers will flock to the detail of this wonderful book.

Picture of Look Inside Trains


Slide And See Farm will  have the littles squealing for more! This sturdy board book will excite children by “sliding” to reveal what surprises the animals are hiding. With all the furry friends you could want, this book is sure to be a delight!

Picture of Baby's Very First Slide and See Farm


1001 Things To Spot Under The Sea is a classic for those ocean lovers! Take this book along on your trip and count all of the sea creatures that you spot. Challenge your kids to find and learn the names of the sea life as well.  

Picture of 1001 Things to Spot in the Sea

Science Museum:

100 Things To Know About Science is a great take-along book for your young scientists! This book contains numerous facts, illustrations and tidbits to entertain even the pickiest readers.

Picture of 100 Things to Know About Science - IR

Doctor’s Visit:

All Better will have your child wanting to hang out at the doctor’s office! This adorable “bandaid” book has won kids over everywhere! The repositionable bandaids are such a fun way for children to learn to cope with doctor’s visits. Children help the animals in the book feel “all better”!

Picture of All Better!

Butterfly Conservatory:

Caterpillars And Butterflies is a perfect non-fiction book for your kids to take along on this outing! Being able to identify caterpillars as they become beautiful butterflies throughout various stages will engage even the most distracted child.

Picture of Caterpillars and Butterflies - IR

Art Museum:

Lift-The-Flap Art book is the perfect book for your day of art! With flaps revealing secrets of the world’s most famous art, your child is sure to be enthralled.

Picture of Lift-the-Flap Art - IR

City Trips:

See Inside Great Cities is the perfect book for visiting the city! With exciting and informative flaps, even older children will be entertained by this book. Learning about various cities while traveling will only enrich their experience.

Picture of See Inside Great Cities - IR


1000 Animals is the ultimate zoo book for animal lovers! Children can find their favorite animals and discover new favorites. The plethora of animals in this book will have your animal lovers doing a happy dance!

Picture of 1,000 Animals

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