It’s A Unicorn World!

WHAT’S POPULAR? Well UNICORNS of course! Have unicorns really ever gone off trend?  I mean really?!?! Unicorn love has been a staple as far back as I can remember and still seems to be thriving today. Who can blame children when they see their cute faces, furry manes and magical horns? When you add those features in with the wonder that unicorns bring…well you’ve got some obsessed kiddos!

Usborne has listened to the many requests for all things unicorn and has responded! This genius publishing company now features four new unicorn titles and a little cuddly unicorn to accompany them!

First up, That’s Not My Unicorn. The 50th title(YES 50th!!!) in this popular series! The touchy feely and repetitive phrases are a hit with all babies and toddlers.  Plus, the adorble plush is a great addition and gift!

Next in line, Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Unicorns. I mean do I really need to say more? This book is wonderful with the repositionable stickers, different scenes and a smaller size perfect for travel!

Then we have our Unicorns Magic Painting Book. This awesome addition to Usborne’s Magic Painting Book series makes a great gift or activity for a rainy day. Just dip the brush in water to create your masterpiece!

Lastly, we have the Unicorns Sticker Book. This is a bigger sized version and contains an abundance of stickers in Unicornland that will keep your child busy for hours!

Drop a comment below if you have anyone in your house obsessed with these magical creatures and which books they would love. 

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