12 Days of Christmas Books – Are You There Little Reindeer?

Day 1

Are You There Little Reindeer?

Since we’re in the HOLIDAY ZONE already, I wanted to feature 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS/WINTER books for you to see! I’m showcasing these books early because they do tend to go out of stock rather quickly. So in other words, if you want to order them, scoop them up soon!

Ages: 9 months +, $9.99

An adorable little board book with flaps, fingertrails, and cut-outs!
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The Usborne Little Peek-Through Books are always a hit!

Series: Are You There?

A little animal is hiding in the book; can you find him? Die-cut shapes give glimpses of things that turn out to be something altogether different when you turn the page: for example an elephant’s trunk turns out to be a snake. Children will love the surprise element of turning the pages until, finally at the last page, the hiding animal is revealed!

What are people saying about this book?

I adore this series! The illustrations are beautiful. The story is playful and fun. I love that my 2.5 year old twins can follow along with finding the reindeer and it’s absolutely adorable when they “read” the story to me from the illustrations. Of course the ending is always a pleasant surprise for them when we finally find the reindeer! The details within the book are incredible! The finger trails, the cut-outs that incorporate into other pages. One of our absolute baby and toddler favorites!! We have one for each of my twins’ security animals and one for Christmas!

This book is so sweet. My 17 month old loves it. Her fingers are all over the pages and she loves looking through the little holes. My 3 year old loves looking for the reindeer and narrating along. So there’s something for each age. As soon as the book is over they insist on reading it again. I hope the other books in this series are this good because I think we need more!