Nibbles the Book Monster – Top Seller

This month, just in time for the holiday season, check out some of our best sellers. We will share short insights into some of our best-sellers. Do you have any questions? Just ask or buy online through PaperPie ! This book is one our best sellers, and an incredibly cool and unique book!

Children will be delighted in this fascinating book as sweet and humorous Nibbles will actually enter into three fairy-tales, and while he is in the stories, he changes the result. Again and again, they’ll want to read it. Nibbles is based loosely on some of your favorite fairy tales! This amusing and wild laugh-out-loud charmer’s irresistible hunger for the written page will churn holes right through the heart of books within the book

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Usborne Nibbles The Monster
Usborne Nibbles The Monster

What are people saying about the Nibbles The Monster?

I read Nibbles to my son tonight when I showed him our new book and he was SO into the book as I read it and immediately after I finished it he looked at me and said “mommy again” and so I read it again! After the second time I said, “isn’t that awesome” and he gave the biggest “YES”!It’s about this adorable little monster called Nibbles who NIBBLES his way out of his own book and into the stories of other books. There are actually other little “books” inside this one where Nibbles changes up the story and the characters are wondering why he is in their story. It’s simply genius!