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Space books intrigue children and adults of all ages. This is a well known fact in our house. There are so many things to love about our solar system, the moon, astronauts and rockets, that kids just can’t resist. I find that space is a popular love for both boys and girls. My daughter used to have this particular space book, I remember, as a toddler and she insisted the astronaut on the cover was her Daddy! Sadly, it wasn’t but it did stroke my hubby’s ego. 😂

Since the toddler years, her love of outer space has spread to stars, planets, constellations, eventually leading her to fall in love with her daddy’s telescope. Everything about that great big sky of mystery was fascinating.

My daughter has done her fair share of space crafts so of course I had the idea to pair one with my favorite outer space books. My Very First Space Book is the perfect introduction to space if you ask me. It’s card stock quality and bright illustrations, draw children into this wonderful world! I love giving this book as a gift as well. Kids just drool over it and the information covered is definitely unique compared to other space books for this age. The explanations are vivid, entertaining, age appropriate and educational all at the same time. Here are a few pictures of the book inside.

This is a super easy craft for a toddler or preschooler that can be done in a short time. Minimal supplies are needed but the outcome is “out of this world”! I couldn’t resist. 😂

I’ve also always been a sucker for crafts that can be done with items around the house. Toilet paper rolls, cups, foil and of course, coffee filters. Easy peasy is my go-to! This coffee filter Earth and night sky will be a huge hit but definitely doesn’t require much effort.

Supplies needed:
-Coffee filter
-Non-washable colored markers
-Spray bottle with water
-Large sheet of black construction paper
-Yellow paint
-Glue stick
-Small wooden dowel

First, cover surface with paper towels or newspaper. Flatten coffee filter. Use one coffee filter, not several together. Color in your pattern deeply with green and blue non-washable markers to somewhat resemble Earth. Only scribbling is necessary, which is why this is perfect for toddlers.

Next, hold the colored filter over the bowl. Spray with water bottle slowly. Turn the filter and spray again. As you turn the filter, the colors will bleed and run. Turn and spray as needed, bring careful not to overdo it with too much water. Once the desired look is achieved, lay the coffee filter flat over the edge of the bowl to dry or on a paper towel.

Once the filter is dry, use a glue stick to attach it to your large sheet of black construction paper. Dip the small dowel into yellow paint. Begin to dot your “stars” on the black paper as needed. Let dry and PRESTO…the coolest and easiest space craft is complete! Kids can also use different colors and create planets other than Earth. Have fun!

In addition to My Very First Space Book(buy here), these are a few of my other TOP space books! As always, these books are available for purchase here. Also, if you’re interested in starting your own book business to build your child’s library for free and earn extra income, click here.

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