Spring Book Series! Week 3

Spring Book Series, Week 3

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year mostly due to chicks. I’m not embarrassed. 😀 I love those cute little guys popping up everywhere when springtime is upon us!

With that confession out of the way, there’s an adorable book on my radar this year featuring those fuzzy friends. Get excited! That’s Not My Chick, by Fiona Watt, is my new obsession.

That’s Not My Chick is part of the legendary series by Usborne. My daughter collected this series and has loved every one of them. I mean LOVED! Thankfully these are some of the sturdiest books around and can outlast any teething child. This series is extremely popular with the toothless set for many reasons!

Readers simply adore the touchy-feely theme on each page. This collection of board books contains so many tangible items, it’s a tactile wonderland for budding bookworms!

The text is repetative which is excellent for baby to be introduced to new vocabulary. There is a mouse to find on every page.  Also, you’ll notice that the images are outlined in black, making them easier for baby to identify.

Throughout this series, you’re put through the wringer trying to find “your” animal. 😂

Finally, on the last page, that loveable title character is found and everyone rejoices. Hurray!

Obviously, I was inspired by this book to put together a chick craft! My daughter and I made these chick potato stamped tea towels as a gift. They turned out so cute, that I had to share.

Would you like to make these as a keepsake gift for Grandma or yourself? They were so easy and barely took any time. Here’s what you’ll need:
-White flour sack tea towels(Target)
-Fabric paint: yellow, black, white and orange

First, start with your tea towel folded. You many cover every inch of the towel if you’d like. We just decorated the front and back so it would look cute when hanging.

Cut a potato in half then brush yellow paint on the cut end. Press painted potato end into the tea towel for a few seconds. Lift the potato straight up carefully. Add additional paint to the potato. Stamp a few more over the front and back of the towel. Let dry.

After the towel is dry, you can paint eyes with the handled tip of a paintbrush. Paint your chick’s nose with a small paintbrush.  After the outer eye dries, paint the black part of the eye with a Q-tip or toothpick. You can reverse the white and black portion of the eyes (like my daughter did), if you prefer. Finish all of your chicks. Let dry completely.

Put your towel into a cute gift basket and get this over to the chick lover in your family! Grab your copy of this sweet book, That’s Not My Chick, here.

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Happy spring readers!