Teacher Gift Ideas!

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Don’t worry, it snuck up on me too! This is the time to give thoughtful gifts to those educators that teach our children everyday even when we don’t want to claim those little scoundrels! 😀 So let’s show those teachers some APPRECIATION shall we?

I’ve always believed in giving teachers gifts that they can actually use. Mugs and candles are nice but considering these are the people who teach and care for my daughter the entire year, I try to step it up!

I have several teacher friends that I’ve polled on what they actually want. Of course, none of them would ever turn up their nose at something that a child gave them, there are things that are more useful than others.

Teachers are notorious for spending their own money buying supplies for the classroom throughout the year. That being said, I’ve always loved the idea of giving a basket of new books to teachers. They are able to use these goodies in the classroom from year to year!

I’ve put together some of my favorite classroom books below. You could gift them in a basket with other treats such as tea, cookies, foot lotion, etc,  just to make it as fun as possible. Or you could add tissues, sanitizing wipes, pencils, and other supplies to your gift basket. You could also combine efforts with classroom parents and create a larger basket! If you have trouble picking out the books to gift, you can give your child’s teacher a gift card to PaperPie and they can enjoy a book shopping spree!

Phonics Readers are great additions to classrooms! With their quirky illustrations and topics, kids and teachers rave about these books!

Check out the collection below:

Read With Usborne, Leveled Readers are a recent addition to Usborne and a welcome one. These books are perfect for young readers when they are learning to read and also moving up through different levels. Available in levels 1 through 4.

Billie B. Brown & Hey Jack beginning readers are the best first chapter books out there! Age appropriate situations, illustrations, large print and the short length of each book make these appealing to both boys and girls.


The 1,000 Things series is a favorite from preschool through elementary. With challenging vocabulary and detailed illustrations, this series will keep children busy for hours! What teacher wouldn’t love that gift?

Jonathan James And The Whatif Monster is a sweet story of a little boy overcoming his fears of trying new things. Perfect storytime read for the classroom!

A Tale Of Two Beasts is a unique picture book featuring two separate stories from two different perspectives. The little girl’s point of view is first followed by the squirrel’s side. It’s a hilarious adventure that teachers love! This book will help children understand other people’s worlds and opinions.

Picture Puzzle Books are a fun “look and find” series that delights children and educators with adorable illustrations and colorful characters. A great addition to classroom bookshelves.

The Big Book series books are eye-catching non-fiction books, with every other page folding out to 4 pages in length! Bringing these into your child’s class with encourage hours of entertainment and learning.

The Beginner Non-fiction series is a classic for school rooms. These books are always a hit with teachers and students! With a plethora of topics, these high quality books are sure to please!

Check out the collection below:

The Big Picture Atlas is one of my favorite resources for students and educators. Easy to understand graphics and maps are a must have for all geography lessons!

Illustrated Stories are by far some of the most popular books for young readers! Each book features a collection of favorite short stories with illustrations. These abridged tales are a perfect length for blossoming readers to enjoy!

The thesaurus collection is definitely one of the collections that I wish I had when I was younger. A thesaurus was not very exciting when I was growing up! 😂 Thanks Usborne for making the thesaurus cool! Three different versions are offered, varying by age, but my favorite is listed below.

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