Screen Free Week Challenge!

Screen Free Week is happening April 30th-May 6th. It’s a great time for kids to focus on non-screen activities. Sounds easy right? Ha! I’m sure we all have a few activities that we could shout out but enough for a week?!?! Help is required.

Screen Free Week was originally developed in 1994 as a break from television and was formally called TV Turnoff. These days, tv is only one of the many screens used in everyday life. Electronic devices are a part of daily routines for most of society.

Screen-Free Week can be summed up as taking a break from digital entertainment. Your family can participate and have fun with this challenge but still use electronic devices for work or school. The overall point of Screen Free Week is to keep children active and enjoy family time without screens interrupting or distracting them.

Realistically, we know as parents and educators that electronic entertainment has replaced multiple types of activities for children including physical and creative outlets. It’s not a surprise that child obesity has increased as well as school performance and attention problems. With the constant distraction of screens while little minds are busy developing, it’s no wonder that these issues are prominent.

This doesn’t mean that we’re bad parents for letting our children use a tablet or watch Doc McStuffins. Don’t feel guilty. We’re all just trying to survive. 😂 It just means that we should try to be aware of screen time and make sure that we all have breaks from it.

Screen Free Week should definitely be full of fun and allow kids to think outside of the box. It should not be seen as a punishment in any way. How many of us have closets and toy boxes full of toys that rarely see the light of day? This is a great chance for children to use their imagination and explore fun beyond what a screen holds. Also, it’s much more fun to go “screen free” with friends! Ask friends and family to participate in this challenge with you.

Another added bonus is that Screen Free Week takes place during springtime. A perfect excuse to get outside especially if you’ve been cooped up during this never-ending winter! My daughter has been begging for any outside activities! You know there’s been too much snow when even a child is sick of it. 😂

So here’s your challenge (if you DARE to accept it)! Click on the checklist below for your free printable and let your Screen Free Challenge begin! You can even make it a game with your child and reward them with a fun prize or outing at the end of the week. Maybe this week will inspire some new interests, hobbies or family traditions. Maybe you’ll decide to spend 3 nights a week screen free or feel inspired to go one day each weekend without electronics. If so, please share below in the comments section as I’d love to hear!

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