Usborne Paper Airplane Book

This month, just in time for the holiday season, check out some of our best sellers. We will share short insights into some of our best-sellers. Do you have any questions? Just tell! Just ask! And buy just online! This is one of our most fun and coolest titles!

The Usborne 100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly Packed with brilliantly designed paper airplanes which manufacture and operate from fighter aircraft to rackets and scary riding defects. Each book contains four models to make, each with its own concise instructions for folding and flight. Each of the 100 aircraft, written on special tear-out pages, has a unique design.

Contains 100 pages to pull out, fold and a fly with a variety of different designs! The Usborne paper airplane is SUPER fun!

Series: Fold & Fly 

Packed with brilliantly built paper planes, featuring fighter jets, dolphins, dragons, mad bugs and more!

I have 8 sons and every one of them from 22 down to the 18 month old( of course someone folded his for him) had a blast flyinig these. Even my 11 year old daughter thought this was great fun. They each wanted their own the next time I ordered. Loved this family time activity.

I gave this to my nephews for an activity while their sister was in the hospital having surgery. This book is fantastic. They needed some help with the folding but the games that followed have been amazing. They had races, and contests and fly off’s for hours. They are twins but one book was plenty for both of the them to share. I will probably get another for them for Christmas. Love the fact that it turns into a physical activity.

My mom had this book at her house the last time we visited and I had so much fun folding and flying paper planes with my husband. We even stayed up late one night doing the challenges at the back of the book as a date night. Great activity book for ages 6 and up!

We love these!!  Purchased for my boys but my daughter loves them too.  I now keep these on hand as great, affordable gifts when birthday parties and such come up.