Earth Day Books!

With Earth Day approaching, I decided to put together a fun list of books that celebrate our planet! Typically, Earth Day is not a huge book celebration day for us but my daughter has recently discovered a love for our planet and giving back so why not???

From fact books to examples of ways that kids can give back today, I think I’ve covered it all. I’m hoping to incorporate some fun crafts as well as I read these books with my daughter and nephew.

Look Inside Our World
Ages 5+
By Emily Bone

This awesome lift-the-flap book features over 80 flaps for little ones with bright illustrations and simple explanations to complex questions. An introduction to geology and geography for young children. Perfect answers for the child with non-stop questions! Grab your copy here!

My Very First Our World Book
Ages 3+
By Matthew Oldham

This large board book is a great introduction to very young children about our planet. Children will find lots of interesting topics to talk about in this highly visual book about our world. Colorful images and easy to understand concepts are a high point in this book. Get your copy by clicking here.

Above and Below
Ages 5-9
By Patricia Hedgarty

My daughter was super excited by the unique format of this book. You’ll find an innovative split-page layout that allows readers to literally uncover a hidden world of nature, as they turn the book’s half pages. It’s a totally new and intuitive way in which to discover that life in eight of the world’s habitats is just as busy below as it is above the surface. Just click this link to get yours!

Shine-A-Light: Secrets Of The Earth
Ages 4-8
By Carron Brown

Shine-a-light flashlight books are pretty much the coolest books around and much to our delight, the publisher keeps pumping out more!
In Secrets Of Our Earth, you’ll discover polar lands, dive into oceans and explore rain forests and deserts…all with your handy dandy flashlight! Shine the flashlight underneath the colored page and hidden images are revealed. Kids go nuts over these and they are particularly great at bedtime! Order your copy or others in the collection here.

Planet Earth
Ages 6+
By Leonie Pratt

This petite beginner non-fiction book is a perfect intro for kindergartners and first graders. Small enough not to overwhelm but interesting enough to hold their attention. Amazing photographs of our planet in a travel size hardback book really does put this at the top of our list! Add this to your bookshelf by clicking here.

Be The Change, Make It Happen:
Ages 7+
By Bernadette Russell

This interactive book details all the little and large ways anyone can help make a difference, in their neighborhood, in their country, and in the world! It’s a great way for kids to get involved in various activities that allow them to track and record their contributions. The book is filled with fun and caring ways to give back! Start giving back today and get your copy here.

Extreme Planet
Ages 8-13
By Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is one of our new favorite authors especially since my daughter is obsessed with him! This fantastic book features our planet in a way  that other books do not. Bear leads you through some of the coolest undiscovered places and takes you on a fearless adventure at the same time! Stunning photographs and close-ups that will have your explorers begging for more! For Bear’s Extreme Planet click here.

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